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Construction Cleaning in Savannah

Are you looking for the professional cleaning services of a company who knows their way around a construction site? Look no further than Bellklean Cleaning Services LLC. We are the cleaning company trusted by even the most high-profile commercial construction crews in Savannah. Whether you need clean-up services at the end of each work-day, or during the closing stages of a project, we can help you. Rest assured, we know our way around a construction site. Call us today to request our services.

Construction Cleanup Services

When a commercial construction team requests the services of a cleanup crew, they’re looking for something a little different than the standard housekeeper or office cleaner. While an office manager might be looking for someone who can keep things presentable and also healthy, there’s one other major issue at the forefront of a construction crew’s mind. And that issue is: Safety.

Unless it is during the final stages of construction, having an aesthetically pleasing worksite isn’t what a builder is looking for. Their foremost priority is the health and safety of their crew and any visitors.

At Bellklean Cleaning Services LLC, we approach a construction site with several goals in mind. First, we work to remove any needless debris from a worksite. Removing unneeded pipes, lumber, or plaster from a site is essential as it allows the crew to advance to the next stage of construction.

Construction cleaning isn’t solely about quickly removing unwanted messes from a worksite though. Construction sites are often crowded with team members working on a variety of tasks. When cleaners come to a worksite, they’re liable to make a chaotic space even more crowded. This is a fact that our cleaners are consciously aware of, and it is something we actively try to avoid. Our team promises to work swiftly and with care. With years of experience under our belts, we’ve come to know our way around a worksite. Don’t think of us as contracted cleaners, think of us as fellow crewmembers!

Are you looking for a cleaning crew who knows how to maneuver around heavy machinery and sensitive materials? Contact (912) 238-1753 for a free quote on our services.

Post-Construction Cleaning Companies in Savannah

While some cleaning companies might advertise their services to construction companies in hopes of getting a new client, they don’t always have the equipment or the skills to clean a construction site. Unfortunately, a mop and a bucket just won’t cut it.

At a moment’s notice, we’re able to provide a number of cleaning services, including:

  • •Post-Vacuuming
  • •Pressure Washing
  • •Paint Removal
  • •Debris Elimination and Removal
  • •Floor Washing
  • •Vent Cleaning
  • •Dusting
  • •Site Clearing
  • •…and More!

Savannah Construction Cleaning Courtesy of Bellklean Cleaning Services LLC

When there is a lot of activity on a construction site, there is bound to be messes and mishaps that require immediate attention. Who better to have on your side than a cleaning company who is as familiar with a worksite as your fellow crewmembers?

Call Bellklean Cleaning Services LLC at (912) 238-1753 to request our services today!

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