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Commercial Cleaning in Savannah

From basic to custom, Bellklean Cleaning Services caters to Savannah businesses by providing one-time, same day, weekly, or monthly cleaning. Our services are flexible and full service meaning no matter how extensive the cleaning you require is, we’ll get it done quickly and affordably without interrupting your activities.

Our professional cleaning services go well beyond day-to-day janitorial work. If you’ve just finished renovating part of your building and require construction cleanup, we’ll make that space sparkle.

Keeping your commercial building clean and operational is what we do. If you’re looking for free cleaning quotes or to chat with one of our knowledgeable team members, just give us a call!

Banks/Office/Building Cleaning

Banks, offices, and other commercial buildings in Savannah need to put forward a professional image. Especially in the case of a bank, the way your building looks will greatly affect how your clients view your business. Having seasoned cleaning professionals available to keep your entryway, bathrooms, and more bright and clean isn’t just something you should consider—it’s something you need.

Our professional cleaning services include both interior and exterior services such as:

  • Entryway and entrance glass
  • Restrooms and sanitization
  • Customer counter areas
  • Office and waiting area cleaning
  • Floor maintenance
  • ATM cleaning
  • Parking lot and garage cleanup

…and so much more. If it’s an area in your building, we can clean it so it looks better than new!

Health Care Facility and Medical Office Cleaning

Bellklean Cleaning Services provides specialized sanitization services for health care and medical facilities in Savannah. Needless to say, this brand of cleaning goes well beyond your basic office cleaning and every member of our team understands that.

Our trained staff use anti-bacterial cleaning methods to follow a strict cleaning regimen that stands up to code. With EPA approved cleaning products and green cleaning options, you can rely on our professionalism and effectiveness, customized to each facility we serve.

Industrial and Warehouse Cleaning

It’s easy to forget about cleaning when you’re operating a warehouse space, but ensuring you are compliant to Savannah guidelines for industrial cleaning is crucial in keeping your industrial space active.

Your Bellklean Cleaning Services professionals will clean walls, ceilings, showrooms, storage areas, ventilation systems, and dispose of waste safely and efficiently.

If you require pressure washing services, just ask! We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty to make your industrial or warehouse space cleaner than it’s ever been.

Cleaning Services Near Me

Many Savannah business owners are loyal to Bellklean Cleaning Services because of our personalized approach and high level of professionalism that our licensed team displays on every job.

When you’re on the lookout for cleaning quotes, get in touch with us. We’ll visit you on-site and provide an in-depth estimate and inform you of all the flexible options we have available.

Don’t get locked into a pricey contract with a company that doesn’t deliver. Work with Bellklean Cleaning Services for your commercial cleaning needs in Savannah and you’ll never have to worry about dirt and dust again!